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Cardiovascular Symposium, India Course PDFs
Saturday Jan 21, 2023
Topics Slides
Is there a role for Triglyceride Lowering?: Sadiya S. Khan View PDF
Non-statin therapies to reduce LDL-Cholesterol: Ron Blankstein View PDF
When to add a GLP1-RA, SGLT2i, or both?: Thomas Stephen Metkus View PDF
Premature CAD. Role of Genetic Testing and PRS: Nosheen Reza View PDF
Biomarker Strategies to diagnose NSTEMI: Thomas Stephen Metkus View PDF
How to Incorporate Imaging into Chest Pain Assessment: Ron Blankstein View PDF
STEMI with multi-vessel disease: Eric R. Bates View PDF
Recommendations for Anti-Platelet Therapy after PCI for ACS: Eric R. Bates View PDF
Long Term Anti-thrombotic and Medical Therapy: Eric R. Bates View PDF
Revascularization: When is CABG preferred over PCI?: Patrick T. O’Gara View PDF
Microvascular disease: Sadiya S. Khan View PDF
Asymptomatic patient with CAC: Evaluation and management: Ron Blankstein View PDF
Optimal Anti-thrombotic Therapy for PAD patients: Geoffrey Barnes View PDF
Aortic Aneurysm Disease: Patrick T. O’Gara View PDF
Risk based approach to treatment of PE: Thomas Stephen Metkus View PDF
Treatment and secondary prevention of VTE disease in cancer patients: Geoffrey Barnes View PDF
Sunday Jan 22, 2023
Topics Slides
4 pillars of GDMT for HFrEF: Clyde Yancy View PDF
Guideline Recommended Treatment of HFpEF: Clyde Yancy View PDF
Amyloid Cardiomyopathy: James E. Udelson View PDF
Cardio-oncology: Immune Check Point Inhibitors, CAR-T Cell Therapy, Others: Nosheen Reza View PDF
The asymptomatic Patient with Aortic Stenosis: Patrick T. O’Gara View PDF
BAV Disease with Aortopathy: Geoffrey Barnes View PDF
Intervention for MV disease: Catheter, Surgery, Other: James E. Udelson View PDF
Isolated TR. When to fix?: Patrick T. O’Gara View PDF
Catheter Ablation vs Drug Therapy For Rhythm Control of AF: Hugh Calkins View PDF
Managing Peri-Operative AF. Is it the same?: Susan S. Kim View PDF
Status of LAA Occlusion: Hugh Calkins View PDF
Challenges in OAC therapy: Age, BMI, Renal Function, Cost: Susan S. Kim View PDF
Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy: Sadiya S. Khan View PDF
Hypertensive Emergencies: James E. Udelson View PDF
Resistant Hypertension: Clyde Yancy View PDF
Status of Renal Denervation: Patrick T. O’Gara View PDF