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Saturday Jan 21, 2023

10.00 AM



Session 1: CV Prevention

Moderator: Ron Blankstein

10.15 am

Is there a role for Triglyceride Lowering?

Sadiya S. Khan

10.35 am

Non-statin therapies to reduce LDL-Cholesterol 

Ron Blankstein

10.55 am

When to add a GLP1-RA, SGLT2i, or both?

Thomas Stephen Metkus

11.15 am 

Premature CAD. Role of Genetic Testing and PRS

Nosheen Reza

11.35 am

Faculty Q&A


Session 2: Acute Coronary Syndromes

Moderator: Eric R. Bates

12.00 pm

Biomarker Strategies to diagnose NSTEMI

 Thomas Stephen Metkus

12.20 pm

How to Incorporate Imaging into Chest Pain Assessment

Ron Blankstein

12.40 pm

STEMI with multi-vessel disease

 Eric R. Bates

1.00 pm

Recommendations for Anti-Platelet Therapy after PCI for ACS

 Eric R. Bates

1.20 pm

Faculty Q&A


1.30 pm



Session 3: Chronic Coronary Syndromes

Moderator: Sadiya S. Khan

2.30 pm

Long Term Anti-thrombotic and Medical Therapy 

Eric R. Bates

2.50 pm

Revascularization: When is CABG preferred over PCI? 

Patrick T. O’Gara

3.10 pm

Microvascular disease 

Sadiya S. Khan

3.30 pm

Asymptomatic patient with CAC: Evaluation and management 

Ron Blankstein

3.50 pm

Faculty Q&A 


4.15 pm

Coffee Break 


Session 4: Peripheral Artery Disease and Venous Thromboembolic Disease

Moderator: Geoffrey Barnes

4.40 pm 

Optimal Anti-thrombotic Therapy for PAD patients 

Geoffrey Barnes

5.00 pm 

Aortic Aneurysm Disease 

Patrick T. O’Gara

5.20 pm 

Risk based approach to treatment of PE 

Thomas Stephen Metkus

5.40 pm 

Treatment and secondary prevention of VTE disease in cancer patients 

Geoffrey Barnes

6.00 pm 

Faculty Q&A 


6.30 pm 

Program Adjourn 


Sunday Jan 22, 2023

Session 5: Heart Failure  Moderator: Clyde Yancy
8.30 am  4 pillars of GDMT for HFrEF  Clyde Yancy
8.50 am Guideline Recommended Treatment of HFpEF Clyde Yancy
9.20 am Amyloid Cardiomyopathy James E. Udelson
9.40 am Cardio-oncology: Immune Check Point Inhibitors, CAR-T Cell Therapy, Others Nosheen Reza
Session 6: Valvular Heart Disease Moderator: Patrick T. O’Gara
10.40 am The asymptomatic Patient with Aortic Stenosis Patrick T. O’Gara
11.00 am BAV Disease with Aortopathy Geoffrey Barnes
11.20 am Intervention for MV disease: Catheter, Surgery, Other James E. Udelson
11.40 am Isolated TR. When to fix? Patrick T. O’Gara
12.00 pm Faculty Q&A  
12.20 pm Lunch Break  
Session 7: Atrial Fibrillation Moderator: Hugh Calkins
1.10 pm Catheter Ablation vs Drug Therapy For Rhythm Control of AF Hugh Calkins
1.30 pm Managing Peri-Operative AF. Is it the same? Susan S. Kim
1.50 pm Status of LAA Occlusion Hugh Calkins
2.10 pm Challenges in OAC therapy: Age, BMI, Renal Function, Cost Susan S. Kim
2.30 pm Faculty Q&A  
Session 8: Hypertension Moderator: James E. Udelson
2.50 pm Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy Sadiya S. Khan
3.10 pm Hypertensive Emergencies James E. Udelson
3.30 pm Resistant Hypertension Clyde Yancy
3.50 pm Status of Renal Denervation Patrick T. O’Gara
4.10 pm Faculty Q&A  
4.30 PM Program Adjourn